Dog Spot and The Cat Pad

Dog Daycare & Boarding

Daycare: $35 a day per dog
Standard kennel: $55 a night per dog (includes one day of daycare)
*Kennels are 4 ft x 4 ft x 6 ft tall, with rubber flooring and kennel walls.
Deluxe Penthouse Suites: In addition to the $55 boarding fee per dog, an extra fee of $20 for one dog and $30 for two or more dogs will be added per night per large suite. Note: Suites can be shared between members of the same family for the $30 per room per night upcharge. For example, if two dogs from the same family share a suite, it will be $50 per dog per night ($100) plus an additional $30 per night for the upgraded room ($130 total per night for two dogs, $180 for three dogs, etc.)

*Penthouse Suites are a minimum of 8 ft x 5 ft x 7 ft tall, with rubber flooring, solid walls, windows, and glass doors, complete with wood-framed beds with memory foam mattresses and luxury bedding.

Daycare Packages:

Pre-paid Daycare Passes

10 day pass: $330 ($33 a day)
20 day pass: $620 ($31 a day)
30 day pass: $870 ($29 a day)

Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice for all canceled daycare reservations and one week (7 days) notice for all canceled boarding reservations, or you may be charged the full amount of your reservation. For holiday reservations, we require two weeks' notice, or you may be charged the full amount of your holiday reservation.

Dog Spot and The Cat Pad
Dog Spot and The Cat Pad


Bath: $20 to $60 depending on size and coat
Brushing: $10 to $15 depending on coat
Nail Trim: $10 to $15 depending on length and difficulty
Kong Lunch: $3
Spa Package: $40 to $70 depending on size and coat
Includes bath, shampooing and conditioning, brushing, nail trim, and a kong lunch.

All services can be added on to daycare or boarding upon making a reservation or when the dog is dropped off for their stay, time permitting.