Why Choose Us


Choosing a dog daycare, or a place to board your pet, is a big decision, so we want to make that decision easy for you.  After all, our pets trust us with every decision we make for them.  At The Dog Spot and The Cat Pad, we understand this. That is why we recommend that you tour other dog daycares and boarding facilities, as well as ours, so that you can be sure to get the right match for yourself and your pet.  You may tour our facility any day, with the exception of Sunday, from 7:00am to 11:30am and 2:30pm to 6:00pm.

When you first step foot into our facility, the first thing that you will likely notice, is that your senses will not be overwhelmed.  You will not smell strong odors, and you will not hear a bunch of dogs barking.  Many people comment that it doesn’t sound or smell like there are any dogs at our facility at all.  There are not any strong odors because we know the importance of keeping a clean facility and there is no barking because the dogs are all content and enjoying themselves.

When you begin your tour, you will find that inside we have wall to wall sealed rubberized flooring.  The benefits of a rubber floor, as opposed to concrete or tile, is the added cushion to help ease strain on joints, and traction to help prevent slipping while your dog plays.   Rubber flooring is particularly beneficial to dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Three dog play rooms are separated by solidDog5 walls and doors, not chain link fencing.  This allows your dog to focus on playing in its group, and not what is happening outside the group. Plus, the solid walls are much safer for the dogsthen chain link, or other fencing materials and gates.  The Dog Spot and The Cat Pad is also completely temperature controlled, having two ceiling mounted HVAC units, ensuring that your pet will always be comfortable.

Dog35Outside, you will find that we have three large play yards, contained by solid, vinyl fencing, which again, is much safer for your dog that chain link or wooden fencing.  Also, because our fencing is solid, your dog will be interacting with the other dogs and not getting stressed out about what they can’t see (i.e. the mail man, and crazy squirrel, kids in skateboards).  Doggy pools, sun shades, synthetic canine turf,  and dog cots provide a variety of play and lounge options.

We separate our dogs into different play groups so that your dog will always be comfortable with the level of activity in the group.  A trained, knowledgeable, caring staff member is always with your dog, so that you can be sure your dog is always safe and having a great time.

Upstairs, we hCat15ave a completely separate area from the dogs, The Cat Pad.  Here, each cat gets it;s own floor to ceiling room complete with climbing walls, hanging baskets, perches, blankets, beds, and toys.  There’s a large window so they can look out and watch the birds and squirrels.  They get as much attention from our staff throughout they day as they want, along with plenty of interactive toys and enrichment.


Rabbit3We have a third area, away for the dogs and the cats to board any other critters that you may have.  Form rats and rabbits, to birds and turtles, we have the knowledge and experience to take care of all of your pets.  Just ask!

At The Dog Spot and The Cat Pad, we believe you know what is best for your pet.  And we know your pet trusts you with the decisions you make on their behalf.   No amount of text on a website can give you the feeling of security you get from a tour and from meeting the people that will be taking care of your pet while yo are away.  Take the time to tour multiple dog daycare and pet boarding options.  Please come to The Dog Spot and The Cat Pad and see what we can provide for your pet.  Meet our staff, than choose the place that makes you feel the most comfortable.  Your pet trusts that you will make the right decision.