ozyThe Cat Pad and the staff are truly spectacular. Professional, accommodating, understanding, flexible and true animal lovers.It’s also a great, quiet location with mountain views! My cat Ozy was here recently for a two-and-half week stint while I got re-settled in a new home locally. I visited her regularly and she was always relaxed, happy and her space was neat, clean and comfortable. She received lots of playtime with staff as well as some monitored socialization with other cats which turned out very well. I got to hear their stories and see her Facebook photo shoots regularly  When I picked her up yesterday, you can tell she had been freshly, thoroughly brushed which was very nice, I thought. Re-integrating her into my new home was very easy. I think she was a little bit sad to leave her new feline boyfriend, Noodle. I’ll definitely bring Ozy back to The Cat Pad if I ever need to. Staff “fell in love with her” there so I know she’s in good hands. Trust these folks whether for a weekend or a month! It’s easy and fairly priced. -Erin, guardian to Ozy

I could tell you things like how much it means to us to know Emmie is well taken care of, how much we trust everyone at The Dog Spot, and how much of peace of mind it gives us to know she is loved and treated with respect. And all of that is true. But the *best* testimonial comes from Emmie herself. It comes from the way she starts wagging her tail when we turn into the parking lot. It comes from the way she pushes us out of the car door so she can race to the front door. It comes from her whole body vibrating as she sits and waits to go inside. It comes from the way she rushes in without looking back. It is clear that Emmie loves being at The Dog Spot. And we love it too.         -Carmen, guardian to Emmie

I love knowing Willow has a place like The Dog Spot to go Dogwillowduring the day.  The space is incredible and the owners and staff really care.  It is comforting. Thanks Dog Spot. –Jodi, guardian to Willow




Best place ever…Our dog loves to go to The Dog Spot!

Cornelia, guardian to Ping 






Samson loves it there! Shannon is his sweetheart! Thanks for the great care!  –Steve, guardian to Samson

harryMy dog loves coming here and I always know he will be treated well.  -Elizabeth, guardian to Harry 

Our dog King, a Cairn Terrier,gets excited about birds and squirrels and bugs.  But he gets the most excited when we pull into the Dog Spot and he realizes he gets to spend a great, fun day with Shannon, Ben, and all his canine friends.  Plus, when we need to go somewhere overnight, there are only three places we trust for him to stay–our trusted neighbor, my aunt, or The Dog Spot.  –Julie, guardian to King


Our dog, Lola, has been a weekly visitor to the Dog Spot for all six years of her life. At first I sought out a doggie daycare to give myself a break from the crazy energy of a puggle puppy, The Dog Spot was the perfect place! I’ll never forget the first night I picked her up from Ben, it was the first night in months she slept for hours in a row… Over time, Ben and Shannon have helped me work through some of Lola’s more challenging personality traits, helped me keep an eye on her when she wasn’t feeling well, and played with her and loved her while I was in school, working, and out of town. Every week that Lola goes to visit The Dog Spot she starts crying with excitement at the turn off Arapahoe, and as soon as the car is stopped she runs out straight into their arms. They have truly become part of her family. I feel privileged to have found them, and to be able to leave my dog in their care each week.   -Steve and Tracy, guardians to Lola


PorterAs a veterinarian, I am very particular about who cares for my dog and where he spends his time.  The Dog Spot is the most clean, well-kept facility we’ve ever experienced.  The best part is, I can tell Porter is really happy there, and Shannon and Ben care about him as if he were their own.

-Jenelle, DVM, guardian to Porter.


Today was Oscar’s first day @ The Dog Spot. You can see from the photos, Oscar had the time of his life! When I picked Oscar up, he came shooting out from the back with Ben & I teased Ben about Oscar not being tired. Well…we didn’t get out of the parking lot before Oscar was sleeping. Thank you Dog Spot for taking such good care of Oscar & he will be back every Thursday!  Laura, guardian to Oscar


Our dog, Sophie, has gone to The Dog Spot twice a week for three years.  She still quivers with excitement every time we drive up Arapahoe ready to turn onto Range.  All we have to do is to tell her that she is going to see Shannon or Ben and she wags her tail.  We are really good dog “guardians,” but Sophie needs The Dog Spot to fully smile.  –Bernice, guardian to Sophie


I’m one of those high-strung anxiety types, which means that I toured four different daycare facilities before making a decision on where to take my fuzzball. The Dog Spot was leaps and bounds above the cut. The facility is exceptionally clean with great space for dogs to play indoors and out, and the staff are not only knowledgable about dog behavior–they love dogs! Shannon and Ben have honestly thought of everything, including establishing procedures in case of emergencies (though I know injuries are unlikely given their mandatory evaluations, it’s comforting to know that they have a plan of action should the need arise). But the true testimonial comes from Finn, my Australian shepherd, who cannot get through the front door fast enough when he hears the word “daycare.”  –Karstin, guardian to Finn


We absolutely love bringing Riley to The Dog Spot.  She has an absolute blast and it’s such a comfort to know she’s so well cared for.  Ben, Shannon, Nick and everyone are awesome!  –Jill, guardian to Riley




BearHi everyone, my name is Bear and I want you to know what a great place The Dog Spot is to take your pet.  First of all when your pet gets there they will meet Shannon or Ben. They are the best!  Shannon will give your pet all the love they could ever wish for.  Ben does a little bit of everything and he’s good at it.  They have a pool for us to cool off in and lots of friends for your pet to play with.  Take your pet to The Dog Spot and tell them Bear said to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. The Dog Spot is the only place in Boulder to take your pet.  -Just one of many pet’s that hang out at the “Spot,”  -Beardog, and my guardians Sharon and Jim


TimberOur pup Timber loves to come play at The Dog Spot.  Ben and Shannon are kind, welcoming, and his best human support system away from home.  –Drs. Steve and Damaris, guardians to Timber




Olive and DoogieWe recommend The Dog Spot to everyone we know.  Both dogs are SO happy when we arrive, running straight to the play area.  Everyone on staff interacts with the dogs and bonds with them.  They greet each other like lifelong friends!  When we’re away, we know the dogs are safe, active, healthy and happy.  One of our dogs requires extra love and attention after losing her eyesight;  the team makes sure she is well taken care of in every way.  We are so thankful for The Dog Spot.  Shannon and Ben, you’re the best!  –Pat and Lisa, guardians to Olive and Doogie



Inca loves The Dog Spot!  I know that Ben pays close attention to dog personalities in selection of the play groups to assure that Inca will have a great day of play.  Ben and Shannon are very attentive to the health and well being of the dogs and I have great confidence in leaving Inca for a day, overnight, or longer.  –Caroline, guardian to Inca




AnnieI am so very grateful to Ben and Shannon for taking care of Annie, both daycare and boarding, when I can’t be with her.  Their kindness and expertise with dogs makes me know that she is always in good hands and having fun!  We’ve tried a few other places and she didn’t like them.  They’re the best!  -Lea, guardian to Annie





GracieI will admit to being a bit of an over protective mother so, when I got my new pup Gracie four years ago, I was very wary about leaving her home alone.  I began researching doggy day cares in and around Boulder in anticipation of the day when she’d be old enough for supervised care.  All in all, I interrogated the staff, inspected the facilities and checked the references of eight different doggy day cares.  After all my investigating, I determined that the Dog Spot would offer Gracie the safest, most stimulating environment.   While I was sure that the Dog Spot was the best place for Gracie to spend her days, I wasn’t sure she would agree.  On the first morning I dropped her off, it was very apparent that she did indeed have her doubts.  When I picked her up that same afternoon, she was elated to see me which I took this as a sign that maybe doggy daycare wouldn’t work out after all.  Shannon assured me that she had loads of fun, but I wasn’t so convinced.  A last minute scheduling conflict later that week left me in the lurch and I was again in need of someone to look after her.  Figuring that a familiar environment would be the least detrimental to her psyche, I called the Dog Spot to see if they could fit her in.  They could.  The next morning, as I turned into the Dog Spot parking lot, her tail went into overdrive.  When I let her out of the car, it was apparent that there would be no need to convince her to give the place another try – she flew past Shannon in a rush to find her new four-legged friends.  In the four years since that initial introduction to the Dog Spot, Gracie and I have both come to rely on the Dog Spot for daycare and boarding.  While she appreciates playing with her pals, I appreciate knowing she’s somewhere safe – and that I’ll have an exhausted dog to take home.  And, for the record, the tail wagging and sprint through the doorway haven’t ebbed in the least.  -E. Maia, guardian to Gracie


PhantomIf you are looking for the *BEST*  daycare and boarding for your beloved 4 legged, look no more- there isn’t a better place than The Dog Spot!  My family and I moved here from NY three years ago with our beloved Phantom- a 1 year old Cockapoo who was nervous and anxious about being around other dogs.  I checked out many of the major places in Boulder with no luck- Phantom would howl and resist being dropped off.  Then we found Shannon and Ben.  Here are two people who love animals, know what’s best for them, and have a great staff.  I know Phantom is well cared for and has tons of fun with his furry friends.  When we turn off Arapahoe he starts barking and trying to jump through window- quite a testimonial right?  Honestly, check out this place- your dog will thank you for it, and you’ll have peace of mind that s/he is well  taken care of.  Thanks Dog Spot, you guys are amazing!  -Rosa, PhD CHt, guardian to Phantom


DexterThe Dog Spot is an amazing place with great, friendly staff. Our Dexter comes home happy and exhausted after every Dog Spot day, and we feel lucky to have found such a fun place for him to hang out while we’re at work!  –Erica, guardian to Dexter





TheoWe love the Dog Spot! Our dog is so well-cared for there, we wouldn’t consider taking him elsewhere. If only they accepted kids!  –Lillian, guardian to Theo






Absolutely the BEST! Our pup has found her place!

                                                                                                                           -Jessica, guardian to Lupita





sage2Can’t say enough about this place! Our pup loves her time here and knows exactly when we are getting ready to go visit her friends. She has benefited in so many ways from The Dog Spot, and our family has benefited from having a place to take her where she can run out her energy in a safe and loving environment.  -Amy, guardian to Sage