Cat Boarding

Cat30The Cat Pad provides luxury cat boarding seven days a week, 365 days a year.  We are open for drop offs and pick ups Monday through Saturday from 7:00am to 11:00am and 2:30pm to 5:00 pm, and Sunday from 7:00am to 9:00am and 3:00pm-5:00pm.  Unlike many other cat boarding facilities, and veterinary clinics that board cats, your cat will not be in a kennel or cage.  Instead, The Cat Pad offers large, luxurious, floor to ceiling suites.  Each cat, or cats from the same family, has their own room, complete with climbing walls, shelves, baskets, beds, blankets, toys, and a litter box.  Many suites come with a view of the Flatirons!

What do I need to bring for my cat to board?Cat41

You will definitely want to bring your cat’s own food, because switching their diet abruptly could cause undue stress and stomach upset. Please bring dry food in a sealed plastic container and/or unopened canned food and be sure to bring plenty for the extent of their stay. Also, if your cat normally gets treats or any additional food or supplements, please bring it along. We have a refrigerator, freezer, and a microwave, so we can do whatever needs to be done to keep your cat on his or her normal feeding routine.  If your cat is on any medication, please bring it along in its original prescription bottle with clear instructions on when to administer it and how much to administer. Depending on the method of administration and difficulty of administering the medication, additional fees may apply. Please call to discuss in advance.  It is also a good idea to bring your cat’s clean litter, in a sealed bag or plastic container. Some cats are very picky about what litter they use, so again, in order to not cause any unnecessary stress to your cat, it is a good idea to keep your cat on their same litter. You do NOT need to bring litter boxes, or food and water dishes; we will provide those. We will also provide plenty of beds, blankets, and toys, but if there is a particular bed, blanket, or toy they like, feel free to bring it along. It will only be used by them, in their suite. Lastly, all cats must enter and exit the building in a secure cat carrier, and also be wearing a collar with their name on it.  Please visit our Requirements page for detailed information on the necessary forms.


Do I need a reservation?

Yes. Due to our popularity, and the fact that we limit the number of cats that we take so that they can have their own, individual rooms, we book up fast! So make your reservations as far ahead of time as possible to increase your cat’s  chances of getting a room at The Cat Pad.


Will my cat be near dogs?

No. Though The Cat Pad and The Dog Spot are all housed under one roof, the cat area is completely separate from the dog area.

What are the benefits of boarding my cat with you, as opposed to having a pet sitter?

There are many benefits of boarding your cat with us. First of all, your cat will be safe and secure at The Cat Pad.  With a pet sitter, who knows if they will remember to lock your door, or if  your cat will slip out your door, not to mention, if the pet sitter accidentally leaves the stove on, or invites ‘not so savy with cats’ friends over. There is always a risk to having people in your home, especially with pets, when you’re not there.  At The Cat Pad , there is minimum of five doors that a cat would have to get through to “breakout,” making an escape next to impossible. And the cat rooms were built specifically for cats, so there is no risk of them injuring themselves.

Second, your cat’s health is of the utmost importance  to us.  We are fortunate to be located in the same building as Alpenglow Emergency and Veterinary Specialists, the best emergency pet hospital in Boulder.  So in the unlikely event that your cat suddenly became ill or had any medical concern, we could have them at the vet clinic within a minute. With a pet sitter stopping by your house, once or twice a day, they may not notice anything wrong with your cat, and by the time they do, they are a long car ride away from veterinary attention.


Third is your cat’s care and attention.  We are staffed to ensure that your cat is getting it’s necessary attention throughout the day.  We will love on and play with your cat, as well as give them fresh water and food, and clean their litter boxes, multiple times a day.  In each individual cat room, there a numerous beds, blankets, toys, and climbing perches, along with a large window for them to watch the day go by.

Lastly, if it’s your cat’s first time at The Cat Pad, we invite you to go into your cat’s room with them, and stay as long as you’d like, during business hours, to help ensure that you and your cat are comfortable with The Cat Pad .