Cat4How do your rates compare to other cat sitting services in the Boulder area?

Given the level of service, care, time spent with your cat, and amenities that we include, we are an incredible value, especially compared  to other cat sitting option in the area. Most pet sitters charge $25 or more for one 30 minute visit.  Cat boarding facilities and veterinary clinics charge $25 or more for your cat to be in a small, metal cage, often with lots of noise and sounds from other stressed out dogs and cats.  At The Cat Pad, your cat is closely cared for all throughout the day.  The cat area has it’s own, secluded floor, away from all the other areas of the business.  Each cat has the luxury of being in a spacious suite of their own, complete with climbing walls and perches, in a larger room with a window to the world, with multiple beds and blankets to choose from, plenty of toys to play with, fresh food, water, and treats throughout the day, and as much human interaction as they would like.  It’s the best kitty resort in town!


Cat25$30 per cat, per night.*

*Drop off before 11am and pick up before 11am (drop off before 9am and pick up before 9am on  Sundays and Holidays).  Additional fee of $15 per cat will be added if they are picked up in the afternoon

Cancellation policy: We require a minimum of two weeks notice for all cancelled or changed cat boarding reservations, or you will be charged in full for the reserved stay.


Grooming and More:

Cat32Brushing: $10-$20

Nail Trim: $10-$20

Medication Admiistration: $3 per administration